Founder & Chairman

Sirdarius “Deputy B” Benton is the Founder of Step-by-Step Initiative, Inc. He created this organization based on his current community involvement; using his social media platform to reach people. As a military veteran and law enforcement officer, his true calling is public service. As an officer in this political climate, he realized the relationship between the community and the law was broken. Using his humor and dance moves, he found a way to #BeTheGap. Deputy B has perfected laughter at otherwise troubling times. These small acts of service offer a moment to smile, laugh and even be inspired to dance.


Co- Founder

Tierre serves as the Co-Founder of Step by Step Initiative, Inc. His educational background includes: a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media and an Associates Degree in Mass Communication from Atlanta Metropolitan College. He is currently working towards earning his Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications at Arkansas State University. Tierre is the owner of Vision Pushers, LLC and Co-Owner of Harvest Ave, LLC. Tierre is currently a TV Production Artist and Graphic Designer for a public school system in Georgia. There, he has gained a diverse experience with assisting in every stage of the communication and marketing process. Tierre is a natural problem solver and is reliable whenever a solution is needed. Through life experiences, Tierre’s keen eye for detail and creativity are a few of his best attributes. Step-by-Step Initiative, Inc. will allow Tierre to think outside of the box and use productive strategies to connect the nonprofit to communities all over the world. Giving back to people from all walks of life has been a gradual mission of Tierre and he strives to continue this mission with Step-by-Step Initiative, Inc.



Co- Founder

Warren McGruder Warren serves as the Co-Founder of Step by Step Initiative, Inc. His educational background includes: Georgia POST Certification from Georgia Public Safety Training Center, graduating with TopGun Award, a Dual Diploma in Phlebotomy and Patient Care Technician. Warren is currently a Sheriff’s Deputy in Georgia and serves as a High School Resource Officer. Warren enjoys singing and writing music in his spare time. Warren is able to combine his personal experiences, training, and personality to be an example for young adults that have formed a negative perspective and outlook on law enforcement. Warren pledges to unite and help foster a positive impact between law enforcement and the community.


Vice- President

Deborah Grau-McGruder serves as the Vice President of Step by Step Initiative, Inc. Her educational background includes: a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Training from University of Phoenix, a Bachelors Degree in Integrative Studies with a concentration in foreign language education from Kennesaw State University, and an International Diploma in Doing Business in Peru from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Deborah is currently employed with Henry County Schools. Deborah is committed to utilizing her education and experience to ensure Step by Step Initiative, Inc. is purpose driven and leaves a mark globally that can’t be erased.



Operational Administrator

Brittney Pugh serves as the Operational Administrator of Step by Step Initiative, Inc. Her educational background includes: a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Ethics and Society from Mercer University. Brittney is employed with Henry County Schools where she implemented the first Bright from the start Pre-K program at her elementary school where she has taught for the past 4 years. She also has served as a case manager in a non-profit organization as an advocate for women and their children of domestic violence and homelessness. As the operational administrator of Step by Step Inc., Brittney is committed to using her education and experience to bridge the gap in her community one family at a time.